Atlas Training is an early childhood training organization that supports practitioners with a diverse scope of training and program support services, including consulting for EC programs, Online CDA Training, and ongoing professional development options. We pride ourselves on offering an easy-to-navigate, interactive learning format for entry-level practitioners and those seeking to build their knowledge, competencies, and credentials. Our personalized approach supports participant success while instructor interaction ensures that new knowledge translates to practice.  


Online CDA Program Highlights


A program consultant or course instructor will provide ongoing feedback throughout your experiences with us and will be available to support you.


Our CDA training programs are organized into cohorts. You will be able to learn from other students’ experiences as you participate in online discussions.  For monthly workshops, you will be able to network with others who teach young children, too.


Our CDA Program is 100% online for those who prefer this approach.  For those interested in a hybrid model, we offer that approach as well.  Assignments for each module can be completed at any time during the month they are active (1 module per month).


Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to apply your learning to numerous scenarios that you may encounter in the field.

Online CDA Program Structure

Atlas Training is an online CDA Training Program in Child Development / Early Childhood Education. It offers Competency-Based Education (CBE) to participants on an interactive learning platform and is an alternative to the traditional online model of watching videos and taking a multiple choice quiz to demonstrate knowledge.

Participants enrolling in Atlas Training work through one module at a time and demonstrate that they understand and can apply what they learn prior to moving on to the next module. Progress is based on demonstration of proficiency and/or mastery of the 13 Functional Areas of the national CDA and is measured through assessments that include discussions, assignments, reflections and multiple choice quizzes.

Though Atlas Training’s Online CDA Program is a 6-month program, students have flexibility within each month to complete work at their own pace. Content mastery is the focus, rather than students completing training just to earn hours to use towards the credential. We work with students who may need more time to complete assignments, as we recognize that most participants must balance their learning responsibilities with family and work demands. 

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Why CDA?

I love to reflect back on 1989 when I entered the early childhood field.  I was living in what was called ‘base housing’, which is a term used on military installations where housing is provided to servicemembers and their families.  One day I was babysitting my neighbors’ children and received a knock on my door. …

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CDA or college? Which is the right path?

As a professor and academic advisor, I often meet with early childhood teachers to learn about their background and professional goals and tailor their learning plans accordingly. What I have learned throughout my career as an educator is that choosing your education path wisely can make all the difference. But that path looks different for…

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Celebrating Black Authors

This month, we would like to recognize five lesser-known children’s books by Black authors to celebrate black authorship in our field. Black authorship is important because it ensures that the voices, experiences, and stories of various black communities and cultures are recognized and that these experiences are depicted authentically. These texts help non-Black children explore…

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